Bowden Before the Conquest 2003 - 2010

At the end of 2003 we were looking for a major project. There was a lot of interest in the early history of the village before the first known written record of Bugedone (Bowden) in the Domesday survey of 1089.  All we knew was the existence of a Royal Manor and its attached soke during the later Anglo- Saxon period.

We applied for and received a lottery funded grant under the Local Heritage Initiative scheme. The grant required us to encompass the whole community and we embarked on a range of diverse projects and public events which continued until Bowden Before the Conquest ended with the publication of three booklets (The Time of the Tribes The Time of the Romans, The Dark Ages of the Middle Angles and From Danelaw to Domesday in 2010. (Now sold out). This multifarious approach suited us as not everyone wanted to study old documents!

Bowden Before the Conquest was born and 2004 designated Great Bowden’s Anglo-Saxon Year. For individual projects CLICK on Links below or left hand menu.

Anglo-Saxon Banner 2004

Being Anglo-Saxon 2004

Bonfired pots/weaving 2004

Bowden Before the Conquest Booklets/DVD 2005-2010

Finds Collecting Days 2004-2008

Lectures 2004

Old English Course 2004

St Mary in Arden Geo phys 2004

Welham Lane Wild Flowers 2004-2007