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Anglo-Saxon Banner Competition 2004

We felt a colourful banner would reflect Ang
lo-Saxons flamboyance and that pictoral qualities were important in a society where few could read.  We launched a competition but there was only one entry. 

Great Bowden  W.I. created a beautiful banner about 5 foot long, which hung from the ceiling of the Village Hall for several years and is now sometimes displayed at our events for everyone to see.
The banner’s creators also produced a key to their design:

Symbols on the Banner
The silver celtic cross represents eternal life.
The golden dragon represents the Wessex kings
The emblems of St Peter and St Paul represent the village church of Great Bowden
The gold crown represents the status of Great Bowden as a Royal manor.
The coins and cheese are examples of tribute paid to the King.

Background colours
Black symbolises solemnity
White symbolises the holiness of life, innocence and purity
Green symbolises triumph of life over death and the fertile land surrounding the village.
Blue symbolises the River Welland
Red symbolises the blood shed in wars over land ownership.