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  'Anglo-Saxon' horseman on Bowden Ridge - from the DVD's opening sequence.

Bowden Before the Conquest DVD and Booklets

At the end of 2004, when our series of lectures had finished, we made the decision to take our knowledge forward and share it with the public in some way.  The group decided the production of a DVD would honour the community aspect of our Lottery grant and appeal to a wide audience.  It would also utilize the wide variety of skills which we had in the group in script writing. photography and recordings etc.

Storyboards were written with an Opening Sequence and sections on The Time of The Tribes (Iron Age), the Time of the Legions (Roman), The Middle Angles and After the Last Conquest (up to the Domesday survey).  We filmed short clips and recorded voice overs. However, it became clear that we did not have the skills needed to pull it altogether without further help.

Enter the late Robert Bartlet who took our scripts, our recordings and our material and created the first of a planned series of interactive DVDs before his untimely death. The first DVD had been more of less completed but the work came to a stop at his death.

Without his skills, we decided to convert the material into booklet form and produced three booklets which were published in 2010.  These were entitled (1) The Time of the Tribes the Time of the Romans, (2) The Dark Ages of the Middle Angles and (3) From Danelaw to Domesday.

Free copies were given to each of the three primary schools nearby, but the rest sold well and are now out of print.