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Finds Collecting Days 2004-2008

We held two such events in 2004.  The first in February in the Village Hall and the second in June outside on The Green.  On our first event we had the Finds Liasion Officer in attendance
which was very useful as someone brought in a hoard of Roman coins found while field walking.

During the June 2004 event, when we also had one of the County’s archaeologists present, we had sweet jars full of Iron Age and Roman pottery brought in from the Ridgeway nearby just over the border in Market Harborough.  This discovery changed the group’s interest and from then on we concentrated more on archaeology, with our first dig on The Ridgeway in spring 2005.

Since 2004 we have held several more Finds Collecting days including one at the Ridgeway School fete in summer 2005 when we introduced sandpit archaeology for the children.  The sandpit now comes out at most of our public events with slight variations each time.  Children love searching for finds in the sand. 

At this Ridgeway event we were presented with a bag of bones by a policewoman.   They were found very deep on a construction site and forensics thought they could be auroch. Leicester University said they were horse. We should have known as we are always digging up horse bones ourselves.  Leicester University may have found the bones of King Richard III but we would probably find his horse.