Bowden Ridge Research

This is project was set up in February 2016 and still continues (February 2018). We were unable to find a name for the whole hillside and so use the term Bowden Ridge to describe our area of study.

Bowden Ridge Research will cover the whole hill, north of Market Harborough, from Leicester Road in the West to the railway line in the East.  The northern boundary will follow the canal to Great Bowden Hall and then goes along Main Street.  The southern boundary will include Arden Way, Robert Smyth School and St Lukes Hospital.

The aims and desired outcomes of the project are as follows:

To gain a greater understanding of the Bowden Ridge area and how it was used in the past and to involve people who currently live there in this research.

To gather all that is known about the history of Bowden Ridge. To fill in any gaps in knowledge with practical fieldwork and further research where something of interest is discovered and finally create a digital archive to acknowledge work that has already been done and, with permission, give sources for this information freely available to all.

In particular to search for evidence of occupation during the Early and Middle Saxon periods and any further evidence from the late Iron Age and Roman periods.

The project will be managed by Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology inviting others to participate and bring particular knowledge or skills.  The project will include documentary research and field archaeology techniques including test pitting, field walking, metal detecting and geo phys survey work, and include a comprehensive photographic archive.

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