Romans on the Ridge

In 2005 Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology carried out its first excavation in the back garden of a house on The Ridgeway. We were astonished to discover so many Roman remains, mostly pottery.  The pottery spanned the whole 400 years of the Roman period and there were several sherds from earlier times, the late Iron Age, and one or two precious Anglo-Saxon pieces which are very rare to find.

This garden was only one amongst several others in close proximity where many sherds of Roman pottery and coins were found.

We shall shortly be expanding this page to include details of other/Roman finds on The Ridgeway from the 1960s onwards and also will give news and results of further test pits we plan to dig to determine the extent of the Roman township. The new excavations will be found on the page entitled Digs on the Ridge.

A summary of our dig in 2005 can be found on this website under Excavation Report.