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Corner Allotment, Great Bowden 2006  

This is a single worked allotment in the centre of the village and necessitated a winter dig (28th January)!

Chosen for several reasons:

1.  Nearest possible dig site to a known Anglo-Saxon habitation site (across the road).

2.  Main St ends at this point and the road bends to the right to become The Green. If Main Street once continued straight on (possibly across Greens) towards the front of the Church this allotment would have been on the route.

3.  The allotment appears to be close to the shortest route from the Roman settlement on The Ridgeway to the Gartree Road.

4.  Northants Archaeology revealed two features in Langton Rd which may be relevant to this site.  These were an area of cobbles which once could have been an earlier route of Langton Road, and a major boundary ditch which would have crossed the allotment if it continued southwards.

Only 1 pit 1 metre x 1 metre was possible.

Surface to 50 cms - garden soil
50 cms to 90 cms - more compacted 
90 cms natural clay reached quite abruptly.
Finds from 18th-20th century

Conclusion  There was no visible evidence of cuts from pits or ditches although the type of finds in the 2nd context suggested they had been deposited.  There was no evidence of pottery in a manure spread and therefore we feel that this area probably had never been ploughed and before the garden use of the last two centuries it would probably have been part of the green or common land of the village. We are not sure to which Green this area would have been attached. 

We found no Anglo-Saxon pottery and therefore cannot link it to the site across the road.  We also found no evidence of a road or trackway and cannot at this point add information about the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval shape of the village.  However a small test pit could easily h
ave missed the line of a track.