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Harrod Drive, Market Harborough, May 2005

In 2005 we undertook a series of three mini digs, with just one pit, in three locations.

The first of these was in Harrod Drive which is only a few metres from the ruined church of St Mary in Arden near Market Harborough Railway Station.  From our research in 2004 we believed that the churchyard has once been larger than today and in common with many early churches it may have been circular.  If this was the case and the church was placed in the centre the churchyard would have extended westwards over the area now covered by Harrod Drive.

One resident volunteered his garden and in May we dug a 1 metre x 1 metre pit.
It was clear from the start that the land had been disturbed and we uncovered a lot of ash and clinker which could have come from the railway or from an industrial site.  The layer was no more than 30 cms deep and could have been a path or track before Harrod Drive was developed. 

The pottery was all post medieval and modern and associated with this we found two flints.
One was primary flake struck straight from the nodule but the other was a very thin retouched flake triangular in shape.  It had definitely been worked and one edge retouched to make it less sharp and able to be handled. The expert at the County Council could not find a parallel in textb
ooks and was therefore unable to date it accurately.  He felt it could have been a specific tool dating from the Neolithic or Bronze Age.

Because of the disturbed ground and the lack of stratification we were unable to come to any conclusion about any extension to the churchyard.