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Upper Green Place, Great Bowden - 25th July 2009

Background: This dig took place as part of the Festival of Archaeology Mini Digs.

Upper Green Place is in the north-western end of Great Bowden. In the past it probably had more dwellings than we see today. Our site now belongs to Upper Green Farm which may have built for a yeoman farmer and has a date stone of 1675 in its porch.

Our dig was in a paddock of approx. 1/2 acre in front of the farm lying just west of the old trackway that runs through the centre of Market Harborough to Great Bowden then northwards to possibly meet with the Roman Gartree Road (Via Devana).  In the 19th century it is thought that the land was used as gardens or "quits" (small allotments). There is no evidence of there ever being a dwelling on this site.

Context:  A pit of 1m x 1m was excavated with 5 contexts (layers) of 10cm depth. The soil was of brown loam changing progressively to yellow clay at 50cm. Some charcoal was found at 30cm. The pit was left stepped to show the visiting public the different level of the contexts .

Finds: The finds found included modern glazed china, clay pipe stems, sherds of medieval pottery, glass fragments, post medieval earthenwares and the some animal bone and tooth. The most interesting find (at approx 30cm) was a worked flint -possily a neolithic scraper.

Conclusion:  No real evidence of occupation was found in this pit and the finds confirmed that this was once an allotment or garden of some kind which was manured using household waste, probably from the midden.