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Chater's Hill, Market Harborough.
9th, 11th, 12th September 2009

Location. This field is on the northern slope of Bowden Ridge. It may have been part of the West Field in Great Bowden open fields.  At the nearest point it is 350 metres from the Iron Age settlement found by ULAS in 2011 further along the ridge.

Associated Documents: Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology Field Walking in Webb's Meadow, Lower Green's Hill and Russell's Seeds.  University of Leicester Archaeological Services for Waterfield Place Ref: 2011-097

The field was walked in sections. Traverses were at 10 metre intervals and stints at 30 metre intervals.  The traverses were walked as far as possible in a north-south direction. A triangular section in the far east of the field and a smaller triangular section in the south-east corner were not walked. In the centre section of the field a distinct raised plateau made it impossible to see the markers at the far side.  It is therefore likely that some of the traverses went over the same piece of ground and the angle of the traverses may have changed slightly when the second team took over.

Prehistoric = 12 flints, 2 sherds late Iron Age pottery
Roman = 9 sherds (grey ware, white ware, early Roman grog tempered ware)
Early medieval and medieval = 18 sherds (Stamford ware, Lyveden Stanion ware, Sandyware, Midland Purple)
Early post medieval and post medieval = 53 sherds (Midland Black, pancheon type ware, stone ware, late Midland purple, Staffordshire slipware, clay pipes, mottled ware, yellow ware)
Modern, white and blue and white glazed sherds not counted. 

Note: The field at the bottom of the hill produced far fewer finds than the top section. The team on this lower section were the most experienced but were having the same difficulties with hot weather and hard dusty ground as the other team on higher ground.  We cannot explain the reduced number of finds.