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Field Walking Kendall's Field, Market Harborough

Date walked: May and June 2004

Location.  This field lies west of Great Bowden village and west of the canal.  Only the western part of the field was walked.  The field was arable set aside. The eastern boundary of the field runs alongside the canal.  It would have been under ridge and furrow cultivation before enclosure and part of the North or Galou field of Great Bowden open fields.

Associated documents. None

Method. A total of 34 traverses were made at 10 metre intervals moving east-west across the field for 140 metres towards the canal, starting at the north-west corner of the field and progressing southwards.  Stints were at 20 metre intervals.

Prehistoric = 7 flints, 1 sherd late Iron Age/Early Roman, Hard grogged ware.
Roman = 2  sherds, 1 grey ware, 1 Roman glass.
Early medieval and medieval = 79 sherds (Stamford ware, sandyware, Midland Purple, Bourne ware, various Lyveden Stanion wares)
Early post medieval and medieval = 209 sherds (Staffordshire slipware, Midland Yellow, mottled ware, stoneware, hard fired earthenware EA1,2, earthenwares including pancheons, clay pipes, Midland Black, Leeds ware, Cistercian ware)
Modern, white and blue and white sherds not counted.
An unusually large number of clay pipe remains were found in this field. Possibly dropped by navvies building the canal adjacent to the field.