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Field Walking Lower Green's Hill, Market Harborough

Date walked: 10th September 2011

Location  Green's Hill is in the Burnmill Road area. The ploughed area has been extended recently and now covers 60-70 per cent of the field leaving only the top area under grass. In previous field walking in nearby fields Late Iron Age and Roman pottery has been found.  In 2011 an extensive area at the top of the ridge to the south of the field and at a distance of about 250 metres was excavated as part of a proposed development. The excavation was carried out by Leicester University (ULAS) and found extensive evidence of mid to late Iron Age settlement. Green's Hill is just outside Great Bowden parish.  The parish boundary follows the northern hedgeline of the field.

Associated documents. Great Bowden field walking reports for Russell's Seeds, Chater's Hill and Webb's Meadow, University of Leicester Archaeological Services Report 2011-097.

Method. Twenty traverses at 10 metre intervals starting at the south-east corner of the ploughed area. Stints at 30 metre intervals.  Walking east to west.

Prehistoric = 9 flints
Roman = 3 sherds (Greyware)
Early medieval and medieval = 47 sherds (mostly Lyveden Stanion oolitic limestone ware and Midland Purple)
Early post medieval and post medieval = 193 sherds (mostly earthenware including some pancheons, some earthenware EA1,EA2, Staffordshire slipware, Cistercian ware, Midland Black, stoneware)
Modern, white and blue and white sherds not counted.