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Field Walking Stan's Field, Market Harborough

Dates walked:  25th October 2009, 31st October 2010

Location. This large field is close to Leicester Road.  The field was once divided between three parishes, Market Harborough, Foxton and Lubenham.  Now it is all in Market Haborough. The present owners named it Stan's field after a previous owner. We do not know the historic names. 1950s concrete has been added to improve drainage and we know there was a building, probably near the present barn, connected with the World War II airfield nearby.  A field pond has been filled in.  

In medieval times this would have been part of the North or Galou field.  Pottery finds indicate it has been ploughed from medieval times onwards.  It is possible that the road originally followed the parish boundaries and traversed the field.

Associated documents: None
Method: Forty-eight north-south traverses, moving westward at 10 metre intervals, starting in the north-east corner of the field.  Stints at 30 metre intervals.  The field walking was completed in two sessions.

Prehistoric = 16 flints
Roman = 2 sherds (greyware)
Late Anglo-Saxon = 1 sherd (Stamford ware)
Early medieval and medieval = 86 sherds (Midland Purple, Lyveden Stanion oolitic limestone ware, Stamford ware, Nuneaton ware, Nottingham ware, Cistercian ware)
Early post medieval and post medieval = 331 sherds ( Yellow ware, Midland Black, earthenwares including pancheons, mottled ware, Staffordshire slipware, clay pipes, Cistercian ware, stoneware, Hard fired earthenware EA1-2)
Modern, white and blue and white sherds not counted.