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Field Walking Webbs Meadow - 9th September 2009

Location.   Webbs Meadow is a low lying field at the bottom of Bowden Ridge in the Burnmill Rd area.  It may have been part of the West Field in the open fields of Great Bowden. The field walking was carried out during a very dry period making it difficult to see pottery lying on the ground.  It lies below the Waterfield Place site excavated by ULAS in 2011 where an Iron Age Settlement was found. The southern tip of the field lies 265 metres from this excavation site.

Associated documents.  Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology reports for Lower Green's Hill, Chater's Hill and Russell's Seeds and University of Leicester Archaeology Services report 2011-097 on Waterfield Place, Market Harborough.

Method.  Eighteen traverses at 10 metre intervals were walked in an approximately north-south direction starting at the north-east corner of the field nearest the gate.  Stints were at 30 metre intervals.  A metal detecting survey was also carried out over part of this field.  This field was walked with several novice field walkers under instruction.

Prehistoric = 6 flints
Roman = 3 (greyware, whiteware)
Anglo-Saxon = 1 sherd early Anglo-Saxon
Early medieval & medieval = 11 sherds (Gritted ware, sandyware, Midland Purple, Lyveden /Stanion oolitic limestone ware)
Early post medieval and post medieval = 28 sherds (late Midland Purple, earthenwares including pancheons, Midland Black ware, clay pipes, mottled ware, Staffordshire slipware, Midland Yellow)
Modern, white and blue and white sherds not counted. 

Metal Detecting Webbs Meadow, Market Harborough - September 2009 
The survey covered the north-east quarter only, and was carried out after Field Walking.
Unidentified fragments of lead and bronze were found and also aluminium  which had been molten at a high temperature.  William III farthing (1694-1702) George III halfpenny (1760-1820), post medieval belt mount and possibly part of a keyhole cover and a part of a horse harness.