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Field walking Wymonds Hill, Great Bowden.

Date walked: 2004

Location.  This field is in the east of Great Bowden parish in the area of Welham Lane.  It is the only arable field among many pastures.  It is close to the highest point in the parish at Mickelberg Hill and 480 from the present course of the River Welland at its nearest point.   The furlong name Potterscroft survives from the open fields and is nearby suggesting possible kiln activity. The field would have been within the East Field of the Great Bowden open fields. This was the first field to be walked by the group in 2004 when only the northern part of the field was covered.  An attempt to re walk the field in October 2012 was thwarted by the wet conditions on the ground and too much grass growing among the emerging rape.

Associated documents. None.

Method.In 2004 the field was walked with 11 traverses at 10 metre intervals in an east-west direction.
Stints were at 20 metre intervals.

Finds 2004.
Prehistoric =12 flints, 1 pottery sherd, Iron Age or mid to late Bronze Age?
Early medieval and medieval = 9 sherds (Lyveden Stanion ware, Midland Purple, sandyware and oxidised ware)
Early post medieval and post medieval = 48 sherds (mottled ware, earthenwares including pancheons, clay pipes, Cistercian ware, Midland Black, Bourne D ware, hard fired earthenware EA1,2 and 6)
Modern, white and blue and white sherds not counted.