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Metal Detecting

The Group does not own any metal detectors and depends on members to bring along their own equipment.  Our members own a variety of metal detectors and have varying degrees of experience and expertise.  The group offers an opportunity for beginners to gain experience and learn good practice within a more experienced group.

We have used metal detectors on spoil tips and pit bottoms since we started excavating in 2005.  More recently we have started metal detecting surveys in fields at the same time and on the same grid as field walking. See reports.  We have also done survey work in paddocks while we are carrying out excavations.

We hope to increase this activity as more members get their own equipment.  We do expect everyone involved to adhere to the Treasure Act, our Code of Conduct and health and safety recommendations.

During group activities all metal finds are collected by the Heritage Warden, initially identified and then sent for verification and recording to the Finds Liaison Officer in Leicester.  Once recorded the finds are first offered back to the landowner.