Great Bowden Heritage and Archaeology  


1. Issue the Test Pit Excavation Record for each pit.  Make sure the context record sheets have correct codes entered.  Check that the Context Sheets are fully filled in and legible when they are returned. 

2. Issue and collect the Finds Trays for each Context. Make sure that each tray has a secure  label before being issued giving site code, pit number and context number. 

3. Clean finds. Use toothbrush to remove excess soil. Dry cleaning at this stage is preferable to wet.  If a pot or similar find has been removed with a clump of earth keep it together.  Do not remove the earth at this stage but label and box the find as it has been excavated.  The  earth can be removed and the article reassembled later under more suitable conditions.

4.  Bag finds.  Small finds can be bagged by context.  Fragile finds should be given their own bag and wrapped in cling film or bubble wrap first.  Finds too large for a bag should be labelled with a tie on label and boxed.  Finds bag labels should contain the site code, the pit number and the context number. 

The above procedures will be of enormous help with further processing of finds and are also essential in the writing of the dig report.  Thank you.