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Dowsing - Mud Barn Paddock, 2009               

The mini excavation in the Mud Barn Paddock in July 2009 revealed an interesting stone floor at a depth of 1 metre.  It was not possible for the group to excavate further to determine the extent of this floor and we tried unsuccessfully to get a geo-phys survey done by another organisation. See excavation notes Mud Barn Paddock Ex.

We therefore contacted the East Midlands Dowsing Group who had some experience and success in archaeological dowsing. The dowsers arrived and gave a quick lesson to members of the group, who had some success. The dowsers then carried out a survey of the whole paddock.  They picked up signals of several small buildings in the paddock including one around the area where we did the test pit.  We had not told them where this was. Details of their findings can be found on the first plan.

They then carried out further dowsing looking for earth energy lines.  A strong line was found crossing the paddock and illustrated in the second plan below. They thought it was pointing towards the village church and described it as a holy site.  Although we were very close to the church it was out of sight behind high hedges and not in that direction.  We said, ask for Church of England, the the rods swung round immediately in the exact direction of the church.  The line they found seems to point towards Bowden Ridge and we asked them to identify the age of this holy site. They counted backwards in time and the rods crossed at 'pre celtic'. We have yet to follow this up.

We hope that eventually a geo-phys survey of this paddock with our own equipment may be possible but the floor was very deep and may not show up on the readings. This paddock is a possible contender for the location of the village tithe barn. The small buildings indicated by dowsing do not match the dimensions of a large barn.