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Wildlife Survey

WildLife in Great Bowden Gardens (2002)

The Heritage Group in Great Bowden decided to carry out a 12 month, village-wide survey to record the extent and diversity of wildlife species in gardens.  

All homes in Great Bowden received a survey form every quarter throughout 2002 with their copy of the Village Newsletter.  Some people added further species to those printed on the forms.  A number of less common birds were spotted over the 12 months, not usually seen in this part of the country. The table is not specific in all cases.  The gulls seen were herring gulls and black-headed gulls.  Tawny owls were heard and seen and barn owls too, on the perimeter of the village.

We also asked for information on garden features that would encourage wildlife.  Overall, 44% had a pond, 67% a hedge, 81% mature trees, 89% a lawn and 48% a nest box.  Birds were fed by 77% and 32% fed other animals.

The results, giving comments, conclusions and tabulated percentages, is given below.