We publish our findings for the benefit of local people, researchers and others, as booklets, CD's and leaflets. Prices reflect our publication costs and are not for profit. Leaflets are free by e mail. 

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Furlong and Furrow - A translation by the group of an original 14th century Latin document, housed in the British Library, surveying Great Bowden's ancient furlongs. Includes a glossary and interpretation of medieval furlong names. Foreword by Michael Wood.  Price: £5 + P & P. 

For orders outside mainland UK, please include full postal address with your initial enquiry so that we may ascertain postage.

CD - Database of 1500 names with inscriptions, on 1029 St Mary in Arden gravestones, from 1672 AD to 1907 AD, with photographs of stones where extant.                                    Price: £5 + P & P. 

For orders outside mainland UK please include full postal address with your initial enquiry so that we may ascertain postage.
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