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Compiled in 2008 updated in 2012.  It uses all the types of information available to archaeologists (landscape study, documents, local knowledge, excavation, field walking and geo-phys etc.) to give a history of the southern part of Great Bowden parish including most of the built village. It can be used as a 2.5 mile walk and read at the 8 stopping points or at home in the comfort of your armchair. There is a sketch map at the end.  The walk includes sections across pasture, involves hills and there are stiles.  The fields can be muddy particularly around the stiles. There will be cattle in the fields for most of the year and some stiles may be difficult for larger dogs to get through.  We suggest you get your boots on and enjoy this historical countryside!

GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD - Four pages about grinding flour and mills, in particular the mills in and around Great Bowden throughout history. 

HEDGES - a branch of Landscape Archaeology - All about hedges, including local ones, in four pages.

JUDITH AND WALTEOF - The tale of of William the Conqueror's niece and the last 'English' Earl.  Their lives and tragedies and how they are linked to Great Bowden.

HORSEFAIR ON BOWDEN RIDGE - Market Harborough's horse fair may be very ancient.  Did it start on the top of Bowden Ridge?  

THE HISTORY OF BUCKMINSTER CLOSE - Site of four group excavations. Ownership of the close from the earliest records until today.

THE HISTORY OF ST MARY IN ARDENWhat we have deduced so far about this ancient church.

CELEBRITIES FROM THE 14TH CENTURY - Royal and noble people in the 1330s and their links to Great Bowden. Information on the lives of the main players behind the land survey forming our book Furlong and Furrow. Four pages.  

THE LAST COMMANDER - The story of the Preceptory of the Knights Hospitaller at Dingley and its last Commander, Sir Giles Russell. Four page leaflet. 

WILDLIFE SURVEY RESULTS - 2002, Year long and village-wide survey.  Results in leaflet form.  

FOUNDING OF LEICESTERSHIRE & NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - How things changed in around 920 AD.  

THE GREAT BOWDEN ENCLOSURE AWARD - Details of the Enclosure of the fields in the parish of Great Bowden in 1776. Four page leaflet.