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St Mary in Arden Geo-phys 2004

In November 2004 our group completed a geophysical survey of part of the churchyard of St Mary in Arden. We used a resistivity meter borrowed from Leicester University and after a quick lesson in the park managed to survey the part of the churchyard where we thought the Medieval (and possibly Anglo-Saxon) church would have stood.   The university downloaded and printed the results for us. We have in 2016 looked again at this print-out and have decided that some of the grids were presented in the wrong order and orientation.  Below is the revised plan which makes more sense of the position of the trees etc.


We surveyed 17 grids which were 10 metres x 10 metres around the present chapel building (shown as white). This was not easy as there are many trees on the site in addition to several remaining altar graves.

We will upload our interpretation of this new layout in the future and also hope to have results of a further survey carried out by Hallaton Fieldworkers using magnetometry.